Janti Jewel , while offering to you the countless Turkish jewelry - handicraft products reaching from the thousand years history of Anatolian civilizations to the present, at the same time protects the rich cultural heritage of the history.

Janti Jewel , designs and manufactures a wide range of Turkish jewelry with blue eye protectors which are the indispensable part of numerous Hollywood star's jewelry collection.

Janti Jewel , brings a different understanding of the concept of jewelry fashion with the rare designs of Turkish, Greek and Armenian jewelry masters.

Janti Jewel is transforming the cultural value of Assyrian, Hittite, Urartu, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations into a different product and thus the pleasures that hidden for centuries is coming back to everyday life. A wide range of tastes, styles and cultural wealth including the Ancient Greek and Byzantine-era designs, Hürrem Sultan jewels inspired by the Ottoman palaces and adorned with priceless gems.

Janti Jewel , provides you the different cultural products in every category with the best price and superior service quality.

Janti Jewel  , When you visit our website, welcomed by blue eyes or evil eyes of the Turks, Mati of the Greeks or El Ojo Turco of the Spanish. This long-established tradition had carried the talisman of the old ages to the present-day by applying to the gold and silver evil eye jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.

As in the old days, the evil eye jewels are still believed to protect people from the evil eye. The other symbol is Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima that used to protect against the evil.
Hamsa is used as the objects of all kinds of jewelry and home decorations and it has a very important place in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures. Hamsa is a very popular symbol which is believed to protect from evil and bring goodness and adopted by all the religions.